Celebration For Our Historic Ravenna-Cowen Neighborhood

On October 1, 2022, FORC hosted a celebration of the Ravenna-Cowen Historic District in Cowen Park. Over 50 neighbors and 3 local politicians joined in the event.

FORC Board President Larry Johnson described the mission of the organization and lead a tour of Cowen Park and the Cowen University Park Platt (east and north of Cowen Park). He highlighted 12 unique, historical features of this area. The event was a great success with many people asking when we will host another tour!

Darya Farivar and Dr. Lelach Rave who are running to represent Legislative District 46 in Seattle gave brief remarks on their platform. State Senator Javier Valdez joined on the tour as well.

You can download Walk 1 below and take a self-guided tour too. This one covers only the western portion of the Ravenna-Cowen North National Historic District, west of 15th Avenue NE. There’s still much more to see in this section—the tour highlights a few points of interest that you might enjoy seeing.

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